HS Art

Art and design classes at NGHS provide students with basic knowledge of art media and processes allowing them to be proficient in expressing their ideas in two and three dimensional formats, thus producing their own works of art. Through the use of reference books, videos, demonstrations, online resources, and sample works of art, students will learn about various processes, art history, and currently working artists. Emphasis will be put on learning the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students will be able to make connections between artwork on the process in which it was created, effectively critique artwork, and know how to demonstrate their own ideas. Pre-requisites for any of the high school level classes include Foundations I and Foundations II. Foundations I allows students to enroll in Graphic Arts, Painting, and/or Drawing. Foundations II allows students to enroll in Metals or Ceramics. Both Foundations courses are recommended for enrollment in Senior Studio. Painting, Drawing, Metals, and Ceramics may all be repeated at an advanced level for another credit and advanced curriculum. The art classes culminate in Senior Studio, a class for seniors wanting to develop a portfolio of work at a more independent level.

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