HS Science Department

We will continue to develop the relationship between science and technology through a thematic approach to science. We incorporate relevance by applying classroom science to the world in which we live.


At NGHS, we integrate the specific curriculum outcomes as related to technological/ environmental concerns.  Students are encouraged to construct knowledge and to demonstrate this understanding in a multitude of ways, through testing, model building, informed decision making, and applied critical thinking questions.


Throughout our science courses and science program at NGHS, the skills of initiating and planning, performing and recording, analyzing and interpreting are exercised to various degrees depending on what outcome is being reached and in what subject area.


Students are encouraged to develop attitudes that support scientific and technological knowledge for the mutual benefit of self, society, and the environment. We as science educators attempt to instill an appropriate attitude through our own enthusiasm, our own interest in science, through students' interest in science and inquiry, and through developing good lab safety procedures.

Numeracy/Scientific Inquiry

Students are asked to pose questions and discuss possible explanations including those views that are contradictory as to accelerate learning and to construct new knowledge. This is accomplished in a multitude of ways, including experimental design, hypotheses testing, and manipulation of controlled variables. As a scientific endeavor, through inquiry, we don't ‘prove', but rather we attempt to support or verify our thinking.

Adapted from the CPA science department mission statement.