ES Music

Music classes at New Glarus Elementary School are centered around the following concepts.

  1. Music is an important part of every culture.
  2. Children develop positive self esteem through creating, performing, and responding to music.
  3. Music supports and enhances the study of other subjects.
  4. Music allows all students to experience success.
  5. Participation in music promotes social and cooperative skills.
  6. Involvement in music creates lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music.  

In music class students will sing, dance, and play various classroom instruments. This includes an extensive unit on flutophones in grade 3 and recorders in grade 4. We learn about music of various cultures, styles, and time periods. We also study music theory which includes reading notes, rhythms, music symbols, and terms. Students have opportunities to perform in the annual Winter and Spring concerts and the Talent Show. Music classes meet twice in a six day rotation

Music is an essential component of the academic curriculum in the School District of New Glarus.  The New Glarus Music Department strives to reach students' individual and collective potential through the study and performance of music in an effort to form a solid foundation for future development.  We offer our students glimpses of the many meanings and consequences of musical thought, observation, and activity.  We try to instill a common love of learning by exploring history, culture, humanity, and life-skills illustrated in the music we perform.  Finally, we aim to acquire an understanding and appreciation of the relationship between music, other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.