Technology Department

Some of our students in the New Glarus School District do not have adequate Internet access at home, or do not have Internet access at all.

The Wisconsin Public Services Commission (PSC) is conducting a statewide survey about residential Internet access throughout the state. The survey gives you the opportunity to make sure that the PSC and service providers know if you do not have quality affordable Internet access.

The survey is located at  It takes about 5 minutes to complete.

If you are not able to take the survey online, you can take it by phone by calling 877-360-2973, a toll free number.  It is especially important for you to take the survey, so that PSC and Internet providers know the location of all households that do not have high-quality, affordable Internet access.”

The New Glarus School District Information, Technology and Communication Plan defines the goals, objectives, and budgets integral to supporting 21st Century Student Learning. Standards, research, and assessments were used by the ITC Committee to develop a plan that focused on:

  • ensuring a district staff that positively impacts student achievement

  • student mastery of key elements critical for every child’s success in a global environment
  • system infrastructure aligned with the school district initiatives