New Glarus Class of 2018 Awards and Scholarships

New Glarus Class of 2018 Awards and Scholarships
Posted on 05/21/2018
New Glarus Class of 2018 Awards and Scholarships

New Glarus High School proudly announces that the graduating Class of 2018 garnered over $80,000 of local scholarships for post-secondary education. To view and print photos, visit the 2018 Senior Awards Night photo album

At the Awards Night ceremony held on Wednesday, May 16, the following awards and/or
scholarships were presented:

Class Awards
Ethel Peters Memorial Award: Emma Eicher
WIAA Scholar Athlete Award: Madelyn Hammer, Matthew Jackson
Senior Athletic Letter Awards: Samuel Austin , Julia Barnaby, Cullen Brooks, Jared
Carney, Emma Eicher, Kyle Esser, Zachery Frick, Dishawn Gale, Joshua Gray, Madelyn
Hammer, Matthew Jackson, Tanner Jelle, Stephanie Koch, Willow Lee, Zachary Murray,
Andrew Nimtz, Riley Parker, Cole Runde, Nick Schult, Wyatt Taylor, Jessiah Tetner,
Jonah Thompson, Walela Three-Sticks, Gabrielle Whisler, Caitlin Wieser, Olivia
Xistris-Songpanya, Noah Zimmerman
Danny Knobel Sportsmanship Award: Riley Parker
Capitol Conference Top Ten Award: Emma Eicher, Madelyn Hammer, Matthew
Jackson, Morgan Kirch, Stephanie Koch, Aimee Kujak, Willow Lee, Jessiah Tetner,
Walela Three-Sticks, Gabrielle Whisler
Youth Apprenticeship Participation and Completion Award: Maggie Berge, Morgan
Kirch, Sierra Whisler

Independent Scholarships
Academic Excellence Scholarship: Aimee Kujak
Technical Excellence Scholarship: Sierra Whisler
Clarke University Golf Scholarship: Cole Runde
Iowa State University Scholarship: Samuel Austin
UW-Platteville Community Scholarship: Andrew Nimtz, Hailey Raymond

Local Scholarships
ACT Prep Plus Scholarship: Samuel Austin, Morgan Kirch, Andrew Nimtz, Walela
American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship: Jared Carney, Andrew Nimtz, Riley Parker, Sierra Whisler
American Legion/Walter Ott/Francis Beers Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Woerpel
Apparition Motorcycle Club Scholarship: Stephanie Koch
Jeremy “Bigs” Bigler Scholarship: Wyatt Taylor
Blanchardville Cooperative Oil Association Scholarship: Zachery Frick, Hailey Raymond
Jake Daeda Memorial Scholarship: Julia Barnaby, Riley Parker
Dalsing Family Business Leaders Scholarship: Noah Zimmerman
Sharon Durst Memorial Scholarship: Jessiah Tetner
FCCLA/Jessica Tidd Memorial Scholarship: Emma Eicher
FFA Alumni Scholarship: Maggie Berge, Tanner Jelle, Morgan Kirch, Andrew Nimtz,
Jonah Thompson, Lauren Raskovic, Hailey Raymond, Sierra Whisler
Gabriel Brothers Scholarship: Emma Eicher
Green County Ag Chest: Hailey Raymond
Green County Chapter - UW Alumni Association Scholarship: Emma Eicher, Willow Lee
Green County Dairy Youth Recognition Scholarship: Andrew Nimtz
Green County Fall Nationals Scholarship: Noah Zimmerman
Green County Forestry Educational Center Scholarship: Emily Elkins
Heidi Scholarship: Caitlin Wieser
Joseph Henderson Memorial Scholarship: Stephanie Koch
Knight Activity Scholarship: Matthew Jackson, Gabrielle Whisler
Lions Club Scholarship: Emma Eicher, Willow Lee, Elizabeth Woerpel, Noah Zimmerman
Ernest Lufi Memorial Scholarship: Aimee Kujak
Russell L. Monroe: Riley Parker
Martinson Merit Award Scholarship: Jared Carney
Meyer Memorial Scholarship: Willow Lee, Morgan Kirch, Caitlin Wieser, Noah Zimmerman
Monroe Clinic Volunteers in Partnership: Emma Eicher
New Glarus Brewery Scholarship: Kyle Esser
New Glarus Education Association Scholarship: Zachery Frick
New Glarus High School Science Club Scholarship: Emma Eicher
New Glarus High School Student Council Scholarship: Jessiah Tetner
New Glarus Light and Water/WPPI Public Power Scholarship: Jared Carney,
Stephanie Koch
New Glarus Männerchor Scholarship: Aimee Kujak
New Glarus Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Jared Carney, Zachery Frick, Matthew Jackson
New Glarus Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Scholarship: Emma Eicher, Zachery
New Glarus VFW Post 10549 Scholarship: Matthew Jackson, Hailey Raymond
New Glarus Youth Committee Scholarship: Jared Carney, Willow Lee, Andrew Nimtz, Caitlin Wieser, Elizabeth Woerpel, Noah Zimmerman
Alvin A. Ott Scholarship: Emma Eicher, Jessiah Tetner
Christine L. Ott Scholarship: Jessiah Tetner, Walela Three-Sticks
Robert and Judith Reuter Memorial Scholarship: Hailey Raymond
Schuett Family Athletic Scholarship: Jared Carney, Zachery Frick, Walela Three-Sticks
AJ Schuett/Shannon Nealis Memorial Scholarship: Julia Barnaby, Zachery Frick,
Caitlin Wieser, Noah Zimmerman
Tofflers/Rippe-Keane Music Scholar Scholarship: Emma Eicher, Aimee Kujak, Noah Zimmerman
Wilhelm Tell Festival Art in the Park: Willow Lee
Wilhelm Tell Scholarship: Emily Elkins, Zachery Frick, Aimee Kujak, Jonah Thompson, Noah Zimmerman
Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans-Chapter III Scholarship: Andrew Nimtz, Noah Zimmerman
Women in STEM Scholarship: Willow Lee

New Glarus High School wishes to thank the generous donors and presenters for their
excellent support of our students. We also want to thank the parents for all of their encouragement and support for their children. We are blessed that New Glarus is such a generous community. Thank you to all involved!