Census Survey

School District of New Glarus Census Survey

The School District of New Glarus gathers census information for all children living within the school district's boundaries between the ages of birth through age 18.  Not only does an accurate census help school administration in planning for the future, it allows us to provide you with information appropriate for your child.

Please note, the census survey is different from school registration.  If you need to register your child(ren), fill out the appropriate registration.  If your child(ren) is new to NGSD, fill out New Student Online Enrollment.  If your child(ren) is returning to NGSD, fill out Student Registration.

Prior to completing the survey, please verify your address is within our  boundaries.  If your address is in Green county, verify it on Access Green.  If your address is in Dane county, verify it on Access Dane.  After entering your address it will show what school district you reside in on the bottom right side of the screen which school district you reside in.

Please only complete the survey if you have a child(ren) not yet school-aged or if your child(ren) is school-aged, but attends private school or is home-schooled.  If your child(ren) currently attends one of our schools, you do not need to complete the survey.

Tonya Austin
District Registrar

Email: tonya.austin@ngsd.k12.wi.us
Phone: 608-527-2410 x4127