PBIS Staff Members

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our PBIS model at New Glarus High School, please contact Alison Winters or Jeff Eichelkraut.  If you have any great video footage from after school activities or other interesting things that our students are doing outside of school or are interested in being part of our Character Education program, please contact Alison Winters.  As always, budgets are tight.  If you have any ideas or ways you could help support the Knight Store and prizes for the drawings and PBIS celebrations, please contact Dan Ziegler.   

Alison Winters Hanson (PBIS Coach & Knightly News)
[email protected]
(608)527-2410 x4161

Dan Ziegler (PBIS Celebrations)
[email protected]
(608)527-2410 x4235

New Glarus High School PBIS Team Members:

Jeff Eichelkraut
Alison Winters Hanson
Dan Ziegler
Steph Zweifel
Dan Powers
Peter Bertling
Angie Rear